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Who needs New Year Resolutions? Make today the day for change!

As we hurtle towards to finish line, like every year  I’ve had a few clients asking ‘whether I should wait” til the new year to either continue on their health journey or commence.

I’ve always been fascinated by this concept of ‘the new year’ or ‘new years resolutions’ – that this day January 1 is somehow magical and the day to make all dreams, desires and goals achievable. Actually every day is ‘magic’ and an opportunity to change your life.

The sun rises and sets every day, and there is no difference on January 1. Why pause getting healthy? Why wait to take control of your life? To eat better, to make healthier choices? Sure it may be a little harder than normal due to all the year end functions etc but certainly not impossible.

When my opinion is asked I always  give the same answer, this is actually the perfect time to start as it helps to keep some parameters in place and keep you being mindful. As I tell my 8 year old ‘never delay for later what you could do now”

If some of you are already feeling the affects of the Christmas crazy BeTrim Rapid is a great 2 week  detox and way of getting back on the healthy eating track.

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